Saturday, July 6, 2013


Aaah, I cannot imagine life without garlic. Purple garlic is the best for baking and after roasting in tin foil for a little while, nothing is yummier. Shamefully, I don't bother with the bread and other stuff, garlic's good all alone - popping out of it's clove. Tragically, no one will be looking for any up-closes with me, anytime soon! :O

This is an 11x14 acrylic painting on gallery wrapped canvas, with the sides painted.

Here are some WIPs pics of the painting. My computer died not too long after posting the 4th's picture. Slowly, it's being restored. It's a good thing I kept pictures of the painting on my cellphone and didn't delete them, they were my only copies! I hope you enjoy seeing these Work In Progress pictures of the purple garlic.

In this picture, you can see my painting and the reference photo I set up for this painting.
And of course, the finished pic, again.