Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Been An Interesting Week!

Hello again!

Last week was a great week. Got the Algebra tests back on Monday and I still have an A average!!!! And I am really enjoying the class.

The hurricane was eventful. Some downed trees and loss of power. It was an exciting storm. Sorry about all the damage which occurred in NJ. I grew up in NJ and am very familiar with the damaged areas of the shore. Also went into NYC quite a bit and had family living there for many decades. Shocked to see what happened to them. Heartbreaking. Quite a few of my old classmates had some loss and damage and our thoughts are with them all.

As big as last week was, this week is shaping up to be just as interesting. Wednesday there will be another math test and another Nor'eastah! The coming storm will not be as bad as Sandy but still a storm to watch.

Got another doll commission, yesterday! Was recently approached by two different people and one of them has already come back to me with the "go-ahead"! Wish me luck, Things are very busy these days and my time is so tight. I am shooting for completion by the beginning of December, for the doll will be a Christmas gift from a daughter to her aging mother with "contact" issues. The mother dolls and seems to brighten when she holds someone else's (non-reborn) doll. Daughter thinks the reborn version will do wonders!

But the most interesting part about this week is the VOTING! I am so excited to see how this election turns out. It seems that each election is more important than the last and this one is no different.

Haven't been working on too many creative things. Still pluggin' away on several unfinished pieces, trying to lighten the WIPs that have been piling up since school's started. Wish me luck, there are a lot. :/

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what I've been up to lately!