Sunday, July 27, 2014

SO FrUsTraaaaaaaaaaTed!!!!!!

I have to sadly say, this may be the last tomato that is grown in my garden, this summer.

Just the day before yesterday, there were a ton of different staged tomatoes, all over the plant. When I went out to enjoy weeding the early hours, this morning, I couldn't believe my eyes! One tomato left and the entire plant CHEWED to pieces! Branches split, the poor stem broken and bent over and every possible little bloom and fruit - GONE. I had it so well supported and growing so nicely. The plant was doing so well and fairly tall. (Now, I can't stop thinking about the tall beautiful plant I grew and was photographed next to, last year!!!! That baby produced so many Ugly Tomatoes, I was giving them away!!!!)

To top it off, my hardy hibiscus bushes were just starting to throw out their missile shaped buds, which were lopped ComPleTeLy off. And more of my hollyhocks were a tasty meal, too.

I work hard on the plants long before spring has officially starts, by popping seeds into seed-starter soil pods and growing them in the best room in the house, early in the year. Once the season really kicks in, I work hard and sweat in those gardens; planting my seedlings, weeding and turning soil around the plants, watering and insect spraying - in general, keeping the plants in the best shape that I can. It's just one of the things I enjoy doing... but to see this happen to weeks and weeks and WEEKS of hard labor, it is really discouraging.

Sorry I was so glum this time. Thank you for visiting!

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