Thursday, October 13, 2011

Happy Birthday, Uncle Jim

I feel like I just lost you yesterday and not 8 years ago. (You so easily and readily slipped into my father's role when your brother died... and have left an equally painful void in my heart, when you too died.)

More Pictures of the Air Plant's Flower

Really lasting longer than I thought the flower would. Have been taking pics nearly every day but the flower has only grown a little longer and not much different looking.

I love the purple next to the hot pink. If you look closely, you can see orange on the white. Nature really knows her palette of colors!

Unlike other plants, the plant's flowers are more like an announcement; if all goes well, in 2 months there will to be pups (usually about 8). However, these flowers are not the plant's fruit. Instead, the plant sends out pups from the bottom, much like succulents. When the pups are nearly as large as the mother, that's when they can be removed and shared with other air plant lovers! (Let me know if you are one).

Glad you came to see the air plant's progress! Please visit again.