Sunday, December 22, 2013

Ice Storm Comin'

So they say... At least those in the northern part of NH could have one. Temperatures started off in the 40s, but drop each time I look. Currently we are at 36°.

Heard we have electric crews from several surrounding states. In the ice storm of 2008, we had crews from it seemed everywhere!!

Do I think we will have a major ice storm No, not really. At least not like a few years ago. The roads could get bad but I just don't think the trees will be a problem, causing power issues or property damage...

Good thing I bought all the Christmas gifts I can, so we don't have to venture out (or at least I don't think as of now.....)

We still have a lot of snow left. After the same basic weather tomorrow, I am curious to see how things look on Tuesday...
Will it be a white Christmas?

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