Saturday, May 1, 2010

Butterfly Too!

Butterfly too!, originally uploaded by CraftyPease.

Can't forget him.

French Beaded Mini Sunflower

Mini Sunflower, originally uploaded by CraftyPease.

I'm just twisted about French Beading!

Here's a mini sunflower. The colors are a peach-ish gold petals, chocolate brown center and peridot green leaves. Approximately 6 1/2" tall and flower is about 4" wide.

Thanks for looking!!!

May God and Nature Forgive Us.

There are tons of oil platforms off shore. They look like mini cities at night. The devastating damage from this one... can you imagine if two platforms were compromised? "Drill Baby, Drill"? ARE YOU SERIOUS?

This oil WILL NOT be entirely cleaned up before hurricane season.... what then BP?!!? Are you prepared to clean up the devastating blow to everyone and everything effected and help with our already crippled nation?

Just as the economy is on the rebound, another industry is wiped out. Killing off jobs as quickly as it's already killing nature. The Gulf coast is the LARGEST producer of seafood in the world. Do you think the jobs created by the Clean Up Committee will be able to employ all those unemployed people? Do you think the shrimp, oysters and the rest of the sea life really care about that? YES! It costs money to clean it all up and WE DON'T HAVE IT (... and the company that should be paying for the clean up just took a major financial hit.)

But, let's not dwell on ourselves. Because of the cold weather, the sea life is now starting to spawn, but the wetlands and waters impacted by the oil is too contaminated. It could take 20 years for the spawning grounds to recuperate. We won't have to worry about oil in our shellfish, because there won't be shellfish. The sea life that manages to live in such toxicity will poison wildlife, then they'll kill two friends, and then they'll kill two friends and so on and so on... We can't even imagine some of the long term effects.

POTUS Obama, responsible domestic oil production is never a responsible answer. No one and nothing is error-proof. This is not a matter of "If" but "When". Craftsman offers a lifetime warranty. If you ask them I am sure they will tell you they are backing that warranty, every day in stores all over the country. LL Bean offers the same guarantee and I have a pair of boots which need repair.

President Obummer, PLEASE think before you speak. And maybe you can use some of that hot air to spin some OFFSHORE windmills. Just thinking... with my degree in Thinkology from the University SOHK (School of Hard Knocks).