Monday, May 6, 2013

Half Faced, Beneath The Garden

Sounds like a creepy novel, huh? Or a really fun night, bar hoppin'!

Old Man In The Valley

While turning soil, fertilizing and doing the general spring garden work, I always seam to hit tons of rocks. Our whole yard is a sloping valley and over 30 years ago the builder filled the yard with tons of different sized rocks. Every spring, more of them seem to work their way up the soil, becoming a nuisance to spreading roots. So every year I dig and pull more out and make nice zen-like rock piles or something.

Here's one I found in the ground about a week ago. This half face is too much of a coincidence. The eye, cheekbone, nose mouth and chin are just too well proportioned and recognizable. Isn't it so cool? I can't believe I found it. Wonder if there are more pieces of this? How far down? I really don't want to disturb the plants which are already there and established... bummer.

This dude is definitely watching over my back gardens, this summer!

Very Fun

Hello again!

I think I mentioned I am trying to grow passion flower from seed. After all my other seedlings have started producing their second leaves and nothing was happening with the passion's seeds, I did some reading and to my surprise, it sometimes takes up to 12 months to grow the plant from seed. Realizing it's time to sit back and wait, that is just what I did. So while carting around the many seed trays with all the other plants; into the morning sun and back into the warm house at night, I also carried these seeds around, pretty much ignoring what was inside.

Well, over the weekend I paid attention to the 16 sod pod tray and couldn't believe my eyes! Less than one month later and I have a little baby plant growing! Right into a large flower pot this little baby's gonna go! I may just sink it now and lug that planter inside and out!

This is cool! So excited to see it grow. Has a growing height of 30 feet although I will cut it down this fall, when I bring it in for the winter (as recommended). I wonder if I'll have to wait until next year or the year after to see some flowers on the more mature plant?