Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Latest Around Here....

Hello again!

Well, I decided to put the grape thread painting aside for a little while. The actual grapes were turning out well but things started to go bad in the shadow area. Not to the point of disaster... I put it aside before that point arrived.

Am starting another thread painting but not sure how this one will turn out, either But that's fine. For me, it's the journey and not necessarily the end product. My goal is to keep busy, because it's the best way to keep out of TroUbLe!

Signed up for more classes at the local community college. Some more core classes. Thought about going to another school but when I was about to sign the tuition check I decided it would be smarter to pay for the core classes at MCCNH and once they were out of the way, I'd take the degree specific classes in a college that actually has a Master's degree program. The university I was almost attending wanted about $2,000 more for the SAME CLASS!!!! Yikes!

I am also glad to be going back to MCC. It's a nice school with professors whom really care and want you to pass instead of those professors that ride you and search for weaknesses, like other reviews I've read about colleges (and also the reason why I didn't end up going to the new school). And MCC is making some HUGE changes to the campus. I'd be disappointed to miss all that!!! New gym, cafe and who knows what else!!!!

Have done a ton of gardening over the past couple days. Good break from the needlework and also an excellent dose of vitamin D. Ripped a lot of plants I put in, years ago. Too mature, lanky and consuming most of the gardens. Even though the compliments were still rolling in this summer, the garden really pops so much better and the plants all can be appreciated more.

Rooting some hibiscus. Grew a few from seeds and really love the way they looked this year. Since the hydrangea plants were the last garden bloomers (besides the mums I replanted and have come back) I needed some more fall color. These babies bloom straight thru into the fall upto a good hard frost. Most importantly, they don't seem to mind the July sun and heat like a lot of other plants in the gardens.

Thanks for dropping by and reading the latest that is going on around here!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Thread Painting Sneak Peak ~ Still Life

Hello again!

I know... it's been a while since I've posted!!! But, I can honestly say that I have been working hard. August is the second most busy month for me, next to December! Between camps, birthdays, back to school, the month is harsh from the beginning to the end!

In between all the stuff, I have managed to keep picking away at the still life thread painting! Not sure if it's going to fall apart with the shadows, in the end. In the meantime, here's a teaser picture of what is almost done.

Here's my grapes in a crystal bowl; based on a painting I did almost a decade ago...

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

I am so proud of my town; we all helped out in a time of need. This is the Facebook posting....

This is the whole story....

This isn't the general store; Moulton's, which is located around the corner, but another wonderful general store that is near the middle and high school, and is a proprietor whom is so generous to the kids.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Hello again!

Such a gorgeous night. About 64 degrees, Olympics on TV and a cozy fire in the fireplace outside... This is New England living!!!!

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Daughters Away At Camp

Hello again!

It's so quiet and lonely without my girls home. I am glad I have the current (and second attempt) thread painting to challenge me and keep me busy. If I didn't, I think I'd be at their camp, in the cabin next door. I love watching them learn new things. They are having a great time and I am so glad.

Don't know why this year it feels like a "practice run" for when it's time to take them to college. It's still a few years away, but seems so close (and time WILL fly by....). It was particularly difficult, this year.

The latest thread painting isn't going easily. I made bad thread color choice and by the time I tried somewhat correcting, that area was so thick with layers of thread it looked terrible. But that's ok, the COOPER pet portrait took two tries, also and I think it was worth it.

The needle does take it's toll on the tips of my fingers, however! I have tried everything when I was quilting and learned that a good, hard fingertip takes time and will eventually happen.

I hope I make better progress on the latest piece because when the girls come home, we are in full tilt for Back-to-School and not long after all the activities start. Good thing this latest craft travels well and can be done in any "Parent sitting/viewing area" or in the car-waiting.

Wish me luck on my latest piece. If it works, I have another still life I'd like to try. If not, it's back to the pets, again! That's ok... I LOVE the precious faces of the animals and have fun finding great photos.