Sunday, August 9, 2009

Von Trapp Style Handmade Blue Handbag Tote

This is very old fabric I found among things I received, when my uncle died. The fabric was once long curtains my grandmother hung. Last year, I made a cute little blazer (get lots of compliments) with the fabric and now I made the matching bag. Now you can see why it's the Von Trapp style.

Jacket is just the old blue floral fabric, unlined. (Subsequent jackets I've made are lined. One is lined and has fiber in between the jacket and lining, for additional warmth). This blazer has a dark blue zipper, up the front.

The bottom of the bag is made with 100% cotton blue fabric and the top is also made with 100% cotton fabric. Inside lining is constructed with a lighter blue 100% cotton fabric and a dark blue zipper.

Very stout and stands on it's own (not stuffed with tissue for the photograph).

The bag is larger than the previous post. This one is 11 1/2" x 17" width, 10" tall and 6" deep (at the bottom).