Saturday, February 16, 2013

Quilt, Frogged and Re-Sandwiched

Hello again!

I started this quilt top years ago and recently decided to complete this a some other unfinished projects before I drown in them! Unfortunately, after doing all the quilting on my huge, wooden quilting rack it turned out terribly wonky. So after ripping out all the stitches (frogged), I sandwiched the layers. This picture was taken as most of the basting was completed (again). You can see the pins and the red thread with which I am also basting.

Hopefully, I will have this quilt hand quilted again, soon. I really liked the colors and the pattern. Let's hope it's still good after the quilting is done again. If not - FROGGED again!

Total quilt size is 64x80 inches.

Thank you for looking!