Sunday, May 17, 2015

Gardens Are Blooming!

And the deer seem to still be leaving it all alone!

The white clematis have nice buds. Maybe a week or so and they will bloom! I CAN'T WAIT! This is a new plant. I had a nice pink one but the deer had eate it so badly, it just died back. Same with a cutting I was successfully growing.

This was a Mother's Day gift to feed the hummingbirds! I have a couple that visit my feeders regularly and it's nice to have a natural option for them.

There are several lilacs on the property. They smell so good!!! No wonder New Hampshire made them it's state flower!

I also received this lupine plant for Mother's Day! Supposed to spread very easily, so I planted it with a lot of space around it.

Years ago, a friend gave me this creeping phlox plant when my mother died. It's filled in so nicely. I have even taken clumps of it and transplanted it in other parts of my garden.

These wild violets are growing everywhere! A few years ago, I selected some that would eventually be mown over and transplanted them in various places in the garden. They're also really going strong.

Hot, hot, hot out there. I am not used to the heat, but it's nice pulling weeds in the early morning while listening to the birds and watching the sprinklers.

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