Thursday, July 17, 2014

More Garden Flowers!

I love this time of year.

Unfortunately, this is yet another year where there hasn't been much as far as blooming on the hydrangea plants.

This is a beautiful crimson hollyhock that's just started to bloom. Love this red color.

These guys are all tiny hollyhocks I started for next year! Over 50 in total. Hoping more than 1/2 will survive the transplanting, winter, and unpredictable weather next spring!

Hollyhocks are bi-annuals which means that they grow leaves first year and bloom on their second year. After that, they die off. I have seen hollyhocks listed as perennials but in real life, I have never seen a flowering hollyhock come back for a third year. They do self sow, which can be nice in a wildflower type of setting. But, in my gardens, such seedlings are pulled along with other starter weeds.

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