Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Gardening always puts me in a better state of mind. After this morning, I definitely need to turn some soil and do lots of gardening.

Wanted to share this Dinner Plate hibiscus. Ordered online a package of Dinner Plate Hibiscus seeds and I popped ONE seed into a pot and within days, it sprouted! Thinking all my hopes were put into this one seedling... what if something happens to it?

So I planted some four more seeds and this time nothing happened as quickly with all (4). Looked up online how slow the seeds are to germinate, I am amazed at how lucky I was the first time!

It's so spindly and I am now over-protective - I think I'll bring it inside with the brugmansia, for the winter.


My husband had another seizure.

It's been over a year. A YEAR! We finally started to breath easier in the mornings. We finally started planning life like normal people. I was accepted to college for continuing ed. Matt's recently taken new job contracts outside our usual 'circle' because he was starting to drive himself. Now what?

He's been so good with the meds and with the doctor appointments, getting good night sleeps and now we are back to square one. What is square one? I know we increase his meds... hello doctor?

How sad. Please keep him and the rest of us in your thoughts.