Sunday, November 15, 2009

Blue Plane Wholecloth Toddler's Quilt

Just finished this 50x70" crib or toddler's quilt. Really enjoyed doing this quilt. It incorporated both my love of sewing and my creative side.

This beautiful crib or toddler bed quilt shows a fun airplane soaring to new destinations. Images are HAND QUILTED with blue thread and feature a little plane flying through clouds, surrounded by swirling winds, crosshatch diamonds, quilted squares and more clouds. Adding fun interest, the quilt has patchwork borders and double-folded dark blue binding.

Quilt pattern was NOT a pre-printed kit. Airplane image was hand drawn, crosshatch and squares were created with a ruler, the swirling wind was drawn with a quilt border stencil and the outer border's clouds were also hand drawn, all done by me.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Drunkard's Path "2012" FINISHED!

Finally have a computer with which to post my Drunkard's Path "2012" quilt! My other computer died during backup, a couple weeks ago and it's taken forever to try to recover my old data. Aaarg! I am sure you know how it feels to see "Hard Drive Fatal Error In Progress". That's exactly the way I felt.

While waiting for a temporary computer I had the opportunity to wash and naturally dry the quilt on the drying rack, in front our wood stove. What a wonderfully nice freshly washed smell it now has.

According to some people, December 12, 2012 is a significant date. That's when the otherwise very accurate Mayan calendar ends. Of those believers, there are those whom believe our world will end! How dramatic!!! You really should Google the subject for the whole story and all the versions...

I am not so sure exactly what will happen (possibly just a few minutes will be added or subtracted to our day, week, month or even just to the year) but am eagerly awaiting the eve of December 12. PARTY!!!!

I am sure you have guessed, all the circles represent planets and stars. I chose to use a light blue background to represent the sky. It's a nice calming color and shows my belief that everything will be fine and December 13. We will have blue skies and great weather (plus compositionally, it really pulls the blue in some of the blocks out, bringing the quilt colors together, nicely). Hey, maybe even the economy will reverse itself!!!!

The quilt is bigger than I planned. It is 56"x74" and is shown spread out on a king sized bed, making it a good quilt for most bed sizes and a topper for a king!

Leslie Anne Peaase Quilts

More Drunkard's Path blocks close up.

Leslie Anne Peaase Quilts
Leslie Anne Peaase Quilts
Leslie Anne Peaase Quilts >

You can really see the unique hand-quilting in these photos.

Leslie Anne Peaase Quilts
Leslie Anne Peaase Quilts