Monday, February 1, 2010

Rose Tutorial Demonstration How-To

Hello again!

Holy cow! I did it! I finally completed the rose tutorial. It's pretty large so instead of loading the blog up with all the photographs, I thought I'd include a link in this post (below or click on the rose photograph). I will also have a link in the right sidebar, on this blog.

I hope you all find this to be helpful. It's not too different from most rose polymer clay how-to guides, but there are a couple things I do uniquely that make this demo worth a look, at least.

The Rose Tutorial

Thank you for visiting and reading the demonstration! Please tell me what you think.

Polymer Clay on Blown Egg

Polymer Clay on Blown Egg, originally uploaded by CraftyPease.

Sorry I haven't completed many projects. This small piece was the last of my china blue millefiori cane and wanted to do something different (for me, at least).

This piece is polymer millefiori canes sliced and applied to an actual blown egg. Shown unpolished. Small, but it was a fun project and good practice at cutting canes better.

I have been graciously been asked to write a tutorial on how I make my roses. Thrilled, I spent the weekend busily working on simplifying my notes so it can be a good blog post, although the tutorial may be a separate link.

Thank you for visiting!