Monday, July 11, 2016

Busy Knittig

Busy knitting but not posting!

Here are a couple I made this Spring and Summer.

This is a unique purple sweater. It's a double ribbed fishermen's rib and it went along quite quickly. I decided to do a double ribbed pattern because I really liked the way my regular fishermen's rib sweater turned out and wanted to see how it would look doubled.

I LOVE Irish Fishermen's Sweaters and really wanted another. The one I made a few years ago has been a bit small these days, so I gave it to a really good friend whom is smaller than I. I love the intricate cable designs, especially the Hugs and Kisses pattern, although they are all nice and were fun to knit.

Started this one a week ago. It's version of the Honeycomb cable pattern that's fun to make and easy to do. I have the two front panels finished and near half the back. I like cardigans, especially large warm ones. They are so wonderful to cuddle in.

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