Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Another Day Of Tests

Think I did almost as well on the lecture exam lab practical as I did last testing week.

The lecture exam started an hour before the actual class (that much material). Yikes! Not sure how early final exam will start!

The lab practical was really fun. The professor sets up stations with various models with flags on them. We go to each station and name (label) each flag on our answer sheet. Hilarious tripping over each other, waiting for the station, feeling the tension in the air, and watching the thinking.....

This time we covered and were tested on all the muscles, tissues, cartilage, brain, eye, ear, disorders and diseases relating to each of the mention (including seizures--that part wasn't fun reliving) and a lot of nerves and nervous system. Wow people, I am not studying to be a nurse! Last 3 weeks, spent lots of time in the college's library (WHAT?!!?) and studied lots of plastic body parts. Today we had 3 hours between tests so we grouped up with a few friends and CRAMMED some more!

Found out there are a lot of people doing a lot worst in these classes. Sadly, they are blaming the teacher. That's not particularly fair. She grades fairly and covers the material. She has GREAT stories and her tests are multiple choice (no grabbing the answer out of thin air and holy moly -- no spelling to remember!!!!!!!! I have enough trouble remembering how to spell "Seminiferous Tubules", forget during a test).

To be honest I AM LOVING EVERY MINUTE. I am so glad for this opportunity! Now that things are easier at home and I have a lot more free time it's a thrill to be learning again.

Well, thank you for stopping! Hope you check in sometime next week (when she might have the tests graded).

Now off to make a paper mache version of the bottom of the sea for a class project.