Saturday, February 27, 2010


Hello again!
The day ZELMA, THE WIND GODDESS was created, was a Thursday and started off like many other school vacation days; sort of lazy. Raining outside, we cozied down inside and pulled out the fabric box and decided to make an art doll. The doll body developed quickly and so did the weather... heavy rain and very strong winds began to wreak havoc on our poor little home.

After several hours, we realized we were suffering a TERRIBLE storm. Pine trees around our home were bending unnaturally and the rain was pelting against the windows like tiny little pebbles and from what seemed all directions.

9:00p we put our daughters to bed and within the hour, the winds and rain became so strong the girls were forced downstairs with fear, two times. Feeling the same uneasiness, my husband and I decided to let them sleep downstairs on the two couches, in the living room. 11:00, the basement door, back door and windows were rattling so badly, it was like someone was trying to break in, without concern of being heard. Upstairs, a painting fell off the wall. Finally, at 11:40-ish, we (whom live next to our town's safety complex and never lose our electricity) finally lost power for almost 5 hours. Any last touches being applied to Zelma was definitely put on hold. But, I was too afraid to sleep! So Zelma and I stayed up until the wind finally died down to a normal strong blow (approximately 1:45). Finally, I fell asleep downstairs, in the family room, with my husband.

4:30a, the power was restored to our home. Half an hour later, we were awoken by the ringing phone. The caller ID displayed "CIDE RED". Code Red? Who or what is that? Bleary-eyed, my husband answered the phone and we quickly learned it was the town's new emergency phone system notifying us that our town suffered wide spread damage, blocked roads and power outages. Power may not be restored to some homes, for a couple days. WOW!

At sunrise, we surveyed our damage and although we had a few minor limbs fall, we escaped the storm pretty much unscathed. We were definitely protected by someone or something!


Leslie Anne Pease
Leslie Anne Pease

Zelma is an Art Doll with light face sculpting. Colored pencil features give a soft pastel look to the face. Hair is fabric, floss and yarn. I hand dyed fabric a few months ago (another creative project I tried with my daughters) and made some beautiful pieces, which I saved. I used some of the hand dyed fabrics for Zelma's body and for her clothes. Pieces for the legs were not long enough, so I had to cut the pattern at the ankles and make and attach the feet separately. Where the seam shows, I tied a tulle ribbon.

Love sewing and can design my own patterns, so it was easy making Zelma's clothing. BUT for someone who can design and sew clothes easily, I am fashionably-challenged (jeans and a sweater)! However, my daughters are very fashionably creative and think dressing cloth dolls is right up their alley.

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