Sunday, September 28, 2014

Weekend League

WENTWORTH BY THE SEA. I can tell you that these pics DO NOT tell an accurate picture. The club is breath-takingly beautiful.

My ranking was boosted, this season and today was my first game playing as a new 3.5! My awesome partner and I WON!!! It was a hard fought game. :D !

Along the path to the indoor courts and back, I took pics of the awesome Wentworth By The Sea's club, the golf course and it's tennis courts. Wow, what a club and the foliage the seacoast is having right now is FaNTaStiC!

Although we played inside today, these are Wentworth's outdoor courts. They were beautiful and staggered in a zigzag pattern with a nice table and chair setup between each of the courts.

There was a Hole 19. Wondered if they serviced the outdoor courts, too?!!? But, I have to admit that with this club, it's all about the golf and the ocean view.

At the risk of sounding like a vacation review column, if you are a golfer and have the Game, this is the "Fall Foliage Romantic Getaway Club". With the hotel, I'd definitely recommend it for ANY AGED romantic. (Ah, to think, I went home...), THIS is the place to stay to see the fall colors, play some golf and tennis.

What a beautiful day, WHAT A BEAUTIFUL CLUB. Great partner. Good win. Fun ride home. Excellent eats when I got home.... Great Sunday.

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