Sunday, October 17, 2010

Huge Disappointment For The Amherst Sixth Grade

Like many schools, every year our 6th graders attend a Nature's Classroom overnight camp for a week and never missed a year. Our kids' scheduled week was to be next week. To every parent's relief, our 6th graders' time has canceled. All due to a BED BUG infestation!

In the past, we had heard rumors of bed bugs at this campground and we were told the camp had taken great measures to get rid of the creepy little things. But, during a parent meeting info came out that there was still a bed with the bugs (yuck). They called it a Hot Spot the Beagle (yes, a dog) sniffed out. The camp's solution was to close that bunkhouse. Guess that wasn't enough to contain the bugs or it wasn't a satisfactory solution for the school. Either way (!!!) Really feel like we dodged that bullet!

My daughter is heartbroken; she has been preparing for weeks! The last day or so, the kitchen has been barely negotiable due to the bags stuffed with all the items on her "Must List". This morning, we were just getting ourselves ready to pick up the last of the last when I saw the email with the bad news.

It may not be the same thing, but I am sure the school will arrange for a week of fun things much like the activities the kids would have done, at camp.

Sorry kids (Pheeee-U)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!