Friday, July 8, 2011

Hello again!

My Mother's Day Gift is bursting with red geraniums! The hydrangea behind is also so very happy. Next year, I might give up my garden funds to fix the driveway. MAYBE! LOL! I don't even buy bark mulch for my gardens!!! Just spend money on flowers.

Isn't the color of this hydrangea beautiful? I have two different color blues and two different colors of purple. No pinks because we have too many pine trees.

Grew lettuce from seeds and when they grew enough, I stuck them in my gardens and in flower pots, everywhere! LOL!

These window boxes are new this year, too. Have been wanting boxes under these windows for years. The side of the house is so huge and the windows are so tiny, we really needed something to help out with all that 'siding'. The boxes add such color and interest.

I also have seeds growing for clematis, hibiscus (non-tropical species), and a clipping for a plant I found locally but do not know the name. Can't wait until they start growing.

Thank you for stopping by. Please come again.