Friday, June 7, 2013

Mike's Day on the Cape


There's huge coastal rain storm coming this weekend and we are supposed to be in Chatham, at the Cape, for Mike's memorial ceremony (my cousin's husband). He died this past February and his funeral was the same month. The weekend of his funeral was the same weekend the east coast was hit with a huge blizzard, shutting down all the roads, rails and runways. I couldn't make it, no matter how I tried.

Let's hope this storm keeps moving quickly and is out to sea by the time we reach the cemetery.

Tracy likes peony, since it's one of the flowers blooming in the garden I'll be making a bouquet with them and some of the black irises (which are almost ready to open). Will be pretty to lay on the family plot.

Hope Mike will watch down on us, tomorrow and continues to rest in peace.