Friday, December 3, 2010

Colorwork Folk Mitten, In Progress...

Second Go 'Round, originally uploaded by CraftyPease.

I really wasn't completely happy with the other mitten, so I ripped out past the thumb and started again. I am happier with the mitten but wish I had done the pattern in reverse on the top half; adds more contrast. Oh well, next one, because it's not bad enough to rip out again.

Colorwork Folk Mitten, In Progress...

Making these one at a time. Those who know me know I avoid knitting this way, at all costs but it is difficult knitting two at a time with two colors because they get all tangled. Just hope they are the exact same, when done because it's annoying when one mitten is bigger than the other! :/

Hoping this works out well! Have made a couple colorwork sweaters, but not a peasant thumbed mitten (or any other kind of mitten, for that matter!).

Not really following a pattern, just going with instincts. It is my first time working a peasant thumb. Reversed-engineered a couple of pictures I saw on the internet and think I can do it, but we'll see if my pattern flows as well as the other patterns I saw!

Knitting the mitten with wool yarn, larger than a typical mitten and will shrink it down afterward. That will tighten the stitches and really make the mittens warm. Not sure If I am going to felt them... guess I'll decide that as the other mitten is knitted and they head to the water!

Thank you for looking!