Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Lots of Garden Surprises!

Hello again!

I was walking around the back-back-back-most part of the (rain drenched, mosquito infested, much in need of my mowing) yard and I noticed this tiny foxglove (which if I had mowed I would have plowed right over this....) just barely peeking out over the grass. I planted some foxgloves about 3 or 4 years ago and still I find little ones randomly popping up, all over the back yard. These little bi-annuals really reseed themselves! I planted more seeds this year for flowers next year and I am really glad I did
(and I am glad I didn't mow o.O )!

This is an early sprout in my hydrangea bushes. The other flowers are far from ready to bloom.
I love this bush. It's my favorite of all my roses.
Here's another cluster from my favorite rose bush.
And here are the tomatoes!

Lots of goodies in the garden and still more to come! Hope the weather keeps on doing all the good stuff it's been doing. This area hasn't seen so much rain!