Friday, August 20, 2010

Beautiful Sunset Skyscapes

This beautiful sky's photograph was captured August 18th, while driving home from from my older daughter's birthday dinner, in Nashua. We couldn't believe how beautiful it was and how long it lasted.

This photograph was taken while we were also driving home from Nashua, last night.

We live in a small little (what my friend likes to call....) knoll, surrounded by tall pines. It's always a treat when we're out and about and see these great skyscapes from the road. I am so glad I finally have a good cellphone, I'd be kicking myself, otherwise.

These IPhones take such great pictures! I honestly wonder how much better the picture would really be if taken with a pro's camera and all sorts of filters? Mine almost look like I used filters and digital imaging to enhance, as it is!!! :D