Saturday, July 30, 2011

More Cards For The Box

More cards for my cousin's daughter's box. (Shhhh!)

Gonna be compiling all the cards and putting them in a beautiful, of course hand decorated box; silk flowers, ribbons and tissue paper.

>>Cards, silk flowers, ribbons, bows, tissue paper and a box... Erogenous objects for any girl. This gift for a budding TRUE young lady (headed off to a great school) should definitely be a hit.

These are Get Well cards. After living (surviving?) the college years, one thing I solidly learned is everyone passes around the illnesses. Having a stack of Get Wells on hand will DeFiNitElY come in handy.

Thinking the same sort of images in blues for cards she'll be giving her guy friends (or someone special?)

Then, the box is done! Should be sent at the end of the week.

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