Tuesday, April 23, 2013

That Time Of Year...

Hello again!

It's that time of year for planting and gardening again! I love putzing around in the garden and growing fun things; flowering bushes, flowers for cutting and veggies! Most of the plants I have either started from seed or purchased the plant, then took cuttings and rooted the cuttings for more!

Last year I had an premature start on the gardens. Spring seemed to come so early and everything started to bud. I took that as a sign it's time to plant my seedlings. Big mistake that was... a week or two after all the gorgeous weather, we had frozen precipitation which killed most of what I planted and all the buds died off my well established perennials and flowering bushes; hardly any lilacs in the Spring nor hydrangea in the late summer.

This year, it's been such a successful crop and the seeds were so fresh - in the event that we have a sudden attack of winter, I'd hate to see them with frostbite. So, I have been holding off planting until Mother's (or later).

However, no one told my plants that they are not outside!!! Soaking in the southern window's sun and absorbing the wood stove's heat, The tomato plants think it is ready for action and the plants have started their tomato flowers already. (Guess I started those seeds a bit early).

Among other plants I also seeded some thyme which as soon as I turned my back, they sprouted their first leaves! It was less than a week and "POP!"

LOL, and to think I considered kicking back and not planting seeds this year. But, when that certain time of year came around for soaking and sinking seeds, I just couldn't hold back.