Wednesday, January 29, 2014

All The Plants Inside

All the outdoor plants I brought inside for the winter are doing well. Even started throwing off some new growth!

All the plants except for one hibiscus I keep in the family room, near the wood stove and window with the window stool (Hazel is too small to see out the windows so I put a stool there for her). That one was losing leaves, left and right but I couldn't find them in the pot or on the floor.

Apparently while my head is turned, Hazel's enjoyment has been sitting on her stool, leaning slightly to the right and nibbling on the tender new leaves!!!! Catnip for my dog! No harm, however. Hibiscus flowers are used to make tea in Asia, for all kinds of medicinal purposes.

Hibiscus tea was traditionally used to soothe or help a variety of ailments, from coughs and skin diseases to high blood pressure, gallbladder attacks, heart disease, and even some cancers. Whether these claims have any basis in science or fact, there is no real proof but some studies have been done. Hibiscus leaves and flowers do contain certain antioxidants, such as flavanoids, and proanthocyanidins. (I looked all this up in a panic, I sure you can imagine!)

I knew there was a good for a reason for loving Hibiscus!!!! :D

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