Thursday, August 15, 2013

More From the Garden Off the Vine!


Check these puppies out!!! Just picked them! Picked the whole cluster instead of just the red ones because they will all turn red quicker this way and there are so many more, just on one one plant alone, yet to come. Things made with tomes will be menu items for weeks to come!

Girls are so busy with their end of the summer activities, there has been a lot of quiet time, around here. A couple days ago, they had a chance to go to Boston to see Wicked, with their aunt and uncle. What a great weekend that was and the girls are still talking about it all.

An end of the summer fun activity for me; just finished a WetCanvas acrylic project of the month; August. A WC prokect of the month is fun and usually a subject I like painting. This time, the project host picked a bunch of still life food photos. Don't ya know, a couple were pics of peppers which I took! I was so flattered. There were a couple of some tomatoes, which have been in the Reference LIbrary for a long time and I've always wanted to paint… (I'm just saying'.)

To play by the rules, I have to wait until the actual deadline before I can post/show the painting (visitors to the house don't count - most aren't WC members, anyway). That way everyone reveals at the same time and everyone's surprised.

The big Reveal is August 21st and then until the end of the month (I believe). Since my painting is now done, I think I'll try to do another. Maybe I'll have it done, by the end of the weekend… again, no showing until the 21st! (this is SO fun).