Monday, March 3, 2014

Aug! Record Low Temps Tonight.

I really didn't mind this winter's snow. It's the cold that's been brutal. When I looked at the temp at 5:30am this morning, it was -1°F. Tonight, the temps are going to be -4°F. The North Country is going to be in the 20s below zero YIKES!!!

It's so unseasonably cold, wood pellets are sold out everywhere and because of the late season, places are not reordering. The same goes with cord wood, no one has seasoned available and now the wood stove in the family room is burning wood bricks (which are also cleaner, greener and more expensive).

The good news is, Friday and Saturday it will be in the high 30s and 40s; it will feel like Spring! Daylight savings ends this weekend, too! Yippee! Always a HUGE Silver Cloud behind the Grey Lining (all one needs is a green patch of grass and to keep looking up)!

Thank you for visiting. Hope you come again!

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