Sunday, April 20, 2014

Grandmother's Hope Chest

Young ladies used to have cedar chests to collect items, linens and clothing for when they would get married. They'd call this chest a Hope Chest.

Well, this mother (a hopeful future grandmother) has started her own Hope Chest. As the years go by, I hope to collect lots of baby things for my daughters and their babies.

A few days ago, I lost a friend before she had a chance to see her sons' future wives and children. Now I am more determined to fill the chest (and maybe more), so that my daughters will have a BIG something from me, either way.

After knitting the sweater for the CF auction, I fell in love with my pattern. So, immediately after I bought some purple yarn (my favorite color) and knitted another one!!!

About this sweater:
--> My own pattern adaption
--> Made with Paton's Classic Wool.
--> US 7 & 8 needles
--> Fits a 12-24m baby (depending on the baby's size).

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