Sunday, December 18, 2011

Another Bun, Fresh Out of the Oven!

Hello again!
This is Rose. She is my second reborn doll. This one is a Berenguer, #18. The original skin color was terrible. I applied many MaNy layers of flesh paint before even starting the veins.

It's a hard-body doll and was a lot of work, reborning the whole doll. The vinyl is not the soft vinyl like the dolls of today, making it hard to root hair. Have more mohair on order and will try using a heat gun to soften the vinyl, first.

These dolls are very popular for artist to create. The reborn dolls are also very popular among buyers (search of Ebay and you'll see how much these dolls are loved). Buying an unfinished doll to complete, isn't cheap. The finished reborn dolls can also be very expensive.

I managed to acquire these two dolls, for a really great price. One was a true reborn (previously painted, stripped and repainted) and the other doll was created for the sole intention of an artist to buy and paint. Who knows if I'll be one of those that sells the reborn, they are fun to paint....

Thank you for stopping by. Please come again.