Friday, July 15, 2011

Sympathy Card

Sadly, my cousin's husband lost a dear aunt recently. She was such a sweet lady. My daughter and I thought it so inappropriate to buy 'just any old card' and instead we made this 3D one. That fun accent is also on the envelope (shown underneath everything).

The tire-tree stamp and saying are new, just for this occasion. We didn't have any sympathy supplies and so a wonderful Mother-Daughter Day was had, buying what we needed.

Been a while (aaarg decades) since I've stamped. Dragging out all the old stamps and playing with the fun papers really brought back some old crafty memories! Nice break from all the note card studying. (Maybe I'll "pimp" my note cards with some stamping!)

When I was buying the supplies for the first card, I saw a stamp with a sandcastle on it. The stamp was nice but not exactly what I was looking for. Online I saw some others but decided to draw my sandcastle by hand and then scan into the computer and redraw with Photoshop. Then after printing, I hand color (just like with stamps) and adhere the image to a card. The neat thing is, I can print the image out at any size! As for the inside message, anything works, but I think the message above goes so well inside this card, too.

Thank you for stopping by. Please come again.