Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Oh Artie T.

It's not right what happened to you and your beloved Market Basket.

The strike and the picket lines have caused store shelves to be empty and now the lots are empty, too. I am afraid that's the end of my favorite food store! Truck deliveries cannot get through, employees are being arrested and corporate is antagonizing the situation. Even the lawmakers are suggesting the employees and customers boycott the store.

Artie T. Demoulas took great care and concern for the Market Basket employees. But when his cousin Artie S. Demoulas fired him, the employees all took action and are standing by Artie T, all the way.

Such a great store for all the kids to work, even my daughter had plans on applying there, when she is old enough!!!

First the Stop & Shop chain pulled all their stores from New Hampshire, now Market Basket is teetering. The only remaining choices for food stores are either not all that great or very expensive.

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