Friday, July 13, 2012

Thread (Or Needle) Painting

Hello again!

Well, in this hot weather, it's been difficult to do things with the oven or iron. So after spending a lot of time in the coolness of the basement and my stash of art supplies, I rediscovered a craft I have been doing since I was a little girl; embroidery (as you have seen in a previous post).

This embroidery is my first time ever, trying to actually paint with the thread. It was fun doing. The hard part was drawing the sketch onto the fabric, accurately. The rest was just trial and error.

Matching the beagle's colors in DMC Floss's color range was not easy, but they have just about any color you can imagine.

It's hard to see but the black areas are really a blend of 3 colors. In total I used 13 or 14 colors and stitched with a single strand of thread (the width of regular thread) throughout the entire piece. This piece took a tick over a week and approximately 30+ hours.

Measures 7x5"

Here's the reference photo... found the picture doing a google search. Kudus to the photographer and thank you for such an adorable image.


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