Monday, November 7, 2011

Finally Celegrated Amherst's Postponed Halloween

Because of last week's storm, the long-lasting power-outage and the damage it created, we had our Halloween Trick or Treating last night. Boy it was a cold night.

This year wasn't 1/2 the celebration it's been in past years. Most of the houses didn't participate and a lot of the kids stayed home. We strolled the village with friends and their children and did it in no time at all.

Meredith's costume is hard to see, because her wings are behind her; she's dressed as a Jailbird. Laura's costume is a Japanese character from one of their favorite video games (don't ask me, I can't keep up and if I did -- I couldn't pronounce most the stuff anyway).

Until next time......

Isn't This Bruggie Flower Beautiful

Look at how far it's come, now. Isn't this flower beautiful? The fragrance is even better! There are at least two more tiny buds. I do hope it flowers all winter!

See THIS post for more information about my beautiful Brugmansia.

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