Friday, February 12, 2010

Kato Clay Is Here!

Hello again!
So excited I had to share! I received some Kato clay for my birthday and I just opened the package! Not in one description, in neither books nor online, did I read about the smell... oh, it reminds me of a new doll I would get when I was a little girl. That wonderful brand new smell......

I am trying Kato because I really am not happy with the Fimo clay. Despite the fact I built an armature for my figure it still suffered cracking and breaking, even after confirming oven was baking at the right temp. The most frustrating place where the figurine broke was around the ankles, even though the wires went all the way down through the clay base and onto the wooden base. Aaarg, wobble wobble wobble.

I was also discouraged by the color change with the Fimo. By the final baking, the skull of the figurine was very dark (probably because the tin foil core got so hot, each time). The problem wasn't critical because the hair was going to cover that bad area, but even the arms and legs were discoloring with each bake, giving the piece an uneven tone until the final bake.

The Kato clay claims to not discolor and is a lot stronger. And with a more sturdy wire for the armature, I am sure I'll have better luck.

Thank you for stopping by. Please come again.