Friday, March 12, 2010

Springtime Flora IS FINISHED!!!

She's finished!

I designed a custom pattern for Flora's bodice and sewed it in fabric. Then one at a time, I sewed individual silk leaves and covered the fabric, completely.

I placed silk flowers in her hair, both sewn directly onto the head. I also made a fabric head cap, sewed flowers onto that and then attached the cap onto the head. The longer flowers are with the wire stems so I poked them straight into her head.

All over her bodice, skirt and shoes, I glued different sized white crystals to represent dewdrops. They glisten all sorts of pretty colors, just like tiny droplets of water.

I also gave Flora a pretty crystal necklace. She thinks she's just stunning with it around her neck.

She's for sale, but I am concerned about shipping! I would love it if someone local bought her, that way there would be no shipping and I can also visit her; I would miss Flora. She's got personality and I smile every time I see her. But, there's another doll in the works, as we speak!

Thank you for coming to see Springtime Flora! She's flattered by your interest.

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Springtime Flora IS FINISHED!!!

Showing off her shoe!

Springtime Flora's Shoe

Springtime Flora's Shoe, originally uploaded by CraftyPease.

Close up of her shoe. Constructed like Flora's bodice. You can see a couple of the crystals, too.