Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Almost Frog Kissin' Time!

Soon, all this snow will melt away and the swamp and surrounding areas will be full of the fun sounds of life!!!!

Boy, I love spring. It's the season of hearts! I am sorry and ashamed to admit, I am a late bloomin' romantic and an appreciator of cycle of life and love.
My nephew is getting married in a few weeks! Ooooh gush!

Speaking of love.... I have kept a couple of Passion Flowers I've keep alive, in my bedroom room (south facing and the best room!) and they haven't stopped making leaves, all winter long. I am eager to see the flowers again, this summer. Should come quickly because it's a mature plant.

I have successfully done the same with one, possibly two of my tropical hibiscus... but the third (my favorite braided hibiscus) suffered the "yum-yums" of my beagle. No worries!!! Hibiscus is very healthy and medicinal. Supposed to make a decent tea, (but I will stick to my own tea favorites). :D I love plants much, I'd have a garden in my room, if I could, trust me! °u° .

Thank you for visiting. Hope you come again!

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