Monday, September 14, 2015

One On Hold and Another One Started

While cutting the basting fabric for the Trip Around the World quilt, I cut an entire 1/2 yard wrong! Yikes! The 1/2 yard was part of the Moda's Jelly Roll Social Club pattern, and I special ordered it online. Now, needless to say, I am waiting for another delivery! :(

While waiting, I thought I'd use the new stash (I also shared a few days ago....) and start another quilt top. I decided to pull two of the colors and am using only 6 of the stash's 8 fabric prints.

This time, I thought I'd make a Log Cabin quilt. The very first quilt I ever made was a Log Cabin, with my cousin. What fun we had and I fell in love with quilt making.

This is just pieces thrown around the completed center. I took this picture so I can refer to it, as I go. Seems things are coming along!

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