Saturday, April 13, 2013

MARIO QUILT for Meredith!

Hi everyone!

Now it's my older daughter Meredith's turn for a quilt and she wants a Mario quilt! I found a Quilt Along online which inspired me, however I found other cross stitch patterns to follow. I am also cutting my squares slightly larger than Angela's recommended 1" to create a larger quilt (original finished quilt measures 54" x 72" and mine will be 81 x 108").

These 1.5" squares are the smallest cut pieces with which I have ever worked!!! Definitely a fun pattern. Have the rows finished in the pic, but still have to sew the rows together.

I will also finish this off in the QAYG manner; that final size is too big for me to sandwich on the floor and I really like quilting each block at a time, just about anywhere.

In the Quilt Along, Angela also has everyone use a "Stick 'N WashAway" which was A) unavailable in my local fab store and B) WAY too expensive online. I also think trying to align all the squares on something sticky sounds more difficult than simply aligning one edge to stitch.

Well, I guess I should admit that this isn't really following along with Angela's Quilt Along, but she definitely inspired me and is the reason why I chose to do this quilt opposed to the other Mario quilts I see when I google.

If you would like to see Angela's quilt, here's a link. Mario Quilt Along Project

Thank you for looking!

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