Sunday, August 28, 2011

Storm's Bearing Down

Come On Irene!
Brought in the potted plants such as the brugmansia to keep safe. Moved things around in the garage and pulled in several other things, all in prep.

Speaking of prep, making this pork roast in the crock pot. Will be easier to run this pot on the generator than entire oven, should the power go out. Aaaah New England ingenuity.

At 8am we already had several power surges and a few good gusts. Has been raining a lot; started yesterday and hasn't stopped. Not sure if yesterday's rain was part of this storm but in most ways, does it matter?

As of 8a, NH has had 3000 power outages. We hardly ever lose power. When NH had the huge ice storm, we lost power but it was back up and running long before the rest of the town. We were lending our generator to others, while they waited. We live near Amherst's safety complex, so our side of the street is first in line to go online.

Love this weather! Wish us luck!