Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Last Day of Summer - Last HooRa!


Went to Hampton Beach, NH, for our last day before school starts. Laura brought her best friend and Meredith got two temporary henna tattoos!

Water was wonderful, as you can see Laura thoroughly enjoying the waves. Look at how clear and green the water is. It was late in the morning and the tide was coming in; you can see how far the shallow part had grown, by the time we got there.

Meredith was content with just hangin' on the beach and being camera shy.

This is a picture of Hampton Beach, half way between. Sort of like the Seaside Heights, the shore where I went when I was young. However, there's no amusement rides at one end, and not as many carnival style games of chance.

Here's a shot of Hampton Beach, from the beach.

This was a weekday, so the beach isn't busy, but holidays and weekends it can be really tight quarters. Unfortunately there isn't a lot of coast line in NH. We do have a TON of lakes and mountains to climb... best time of year's coming for climbing, caverns and mining!