Thursday, September 4, 2014


Mandragora (common name; Mandrake)

Belonging to the nightshades family. The roots sometimes resemble human figures.

Look like frog's legs! (Oh no!!! Prince Charming!)

Now it looks like a scrawny chicken!

Mandrake ready for picking!!!

Hey, if the deer won't let me grow plants in the gardens, then maybe I'll just knit my own!

I knitted this using the I-cord, bobbles, and the Magic Loop method on circular needles. Since it was worked in the round, there were no seams to sew. The only hand-sewing was attaching branches, the leaves, root strands and creating the bark-like texture and features.

Yarn used is the Red Heart Super Saver. Needles - US #5.

I MOST DEFINITELY suffer from Artistic Attention Deficit Disorder. I am almost done with the sweater I am knitting but put it on hold to finally make this guy. I have really wanted to make him for a long time. Past couple days I have been in a waiting area of some kind or another and wanted a small project to knit, (instead of dragging around what is now an almost complete sweater). This was a nice, small project to keep me busy and after seeing Guardian of the Galaxy with my older daughter, I thought this was finally the time to try my own root-person!

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