Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hugs and Kisses with Quilts

Hello again! Started working on a quilt project for someone. For inspiration, I pulled out some quilts I made in the past. These are several of my favorites...

Hand drawn and hand-sewn airplane and background to hold all the quilt layers together. So much fun to do and turned out AMAZING!

Hand drawn quilt pattern repeated all over the quilt top and then hand-sewn to hold all the quilt layers together.

I cut the square's pattern from a piece of wood! Sewn together, I think the blocks look like pinwheels.

This is a crazy quilt block. They are fun to do. Cut to look random, this pattern falls together into a quilt nicely. For the hand quilting I created a puppy paw pattern and a bone pattern which I repeated all over. I also included my daughter's hand print, the size her hand was at the time. She was such a little munchkin and loved her new puppy so much. All the elements just made sense to put together.

This is a princess quilt using Disney's fabric. To hold the layers together, I quilted by hand little crowns all over, in honor of my younger daughter and her love for princesses at the time.

Thank you for stopping by and looking at my latest uploads. Hope you'll come back soon!!!!!