Monday, January 16, 2012

Finished Hair on Actual Doll (Again)

Hello again!
Here's another doll's hair, which I've finished. It's name is STORMY, (sculpted by Donna RuBert). Once the eyes are in and the body's stuffed I'll post the hole doll.

Must admit, even better than the last.

Haven't been reborning very long (4th doll) but already I am in love with the craft! With each one, I learn so much more and look forward to starting the next. The dolls are so beautiful and these are not the most expensive kits, either!

I am not the only one that is in love with the craft... my younger daughter (my mini-me is also loves these dolls and is only thrilled to adopt the ones I've finished! LOL!)

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you like these dolls as much as me and enjoy seeing their progress.

I'll be posting more soon.... Please come again.