Saturday, September 3, 2011

baby Dinner Plate Hibiscus

Hello again!

This pot of baby hibiscus and another pot of baby hibiscus just popped out of the soil today, exactly 2 weeks after planting. There are two in this pot so when the little guys grow their second set of leaves, I''ll be moving one to another pot. All the little plants will be staying inside and treated as house plants until next spring. Doubt they will give me flowers while inside, but will be more than ready to bloom early in the garden come next season! It's called Dinner Plate because the flowers are the size of dinner plates; around 9" or larger!

In the meantime, my mother-in-law's visiting and we are have a great time. She's going to be moving in with us soon and slowly we are getting things ready.

Made some really great rolls with poppy seeds from scratch, special today. I really shouldn't have because I have so much homework!!! Tons of reading -- Biology and Medical Terminology. TONS! I don't remember college like this the last time I got a degree. Aaaaarg! :)

Thanks for stopping by.