Monday, July 15, 2013

Some Silver Linings!!!

Got my car back from the service center. Boy was she one sick little car but still trying so hard to be good. No wonder the gas was going through her like water. Took a little over a week and repairs to things that really should not have been a problem. All fixed now! :) . I really missed my BROOM.

We also won our case with Honda (for the van's transmission)! Interesting having them go from not being interested in helping and hanging up to full financial compensation!!! Solid what a couple court papers can do.

I hope calling and making doctor appointments will be as easy!!! Arranging the other appointments for Meredith has definitely been less than that; with so many obstacles. The effort to get this next appointment is very worth it and very important; it's to have her brain mapped. She's such a good girl and wonderful person, kind, loving and caring. She has been dealing with everything and not knowing what's wrong, for so long and doesn't deserve any of it.

...Especially after what we went through with her father's "idiopathic" adult on-set grand mal seizures for 5 solid years; thankfully those are finally medically controlled (for the last 2 years). He had to have EIGHT in one morning, that final day, for us to get the real help we needed for him. It was so hard finding him many times on the floor with his head split wide open or with grossly distorted, black and blue eyes, or near broken back. We were very lucky he only has very little permanent damage (although it stinks to not be able to smell or taste anymore). And again now he is the strongest man in my girls' lives and not the scariest man, anymore.