Friday, August 23, 2013

Ummmm, Homemade Sauce A-Simmerin'!

Well, as expected... the tomatoes are all ripening at once! So, it's time for some homemade tomato sauce.

This is about 5 tomatoes and after 3 hours of a good simmer. I cheated and added a small can of generic tomato sauce because 7 tomatoes wouldn't make anything, much. To this batch, I plan on adding more boiled down tomatoes as they ripen. Even with salads, open-face tomato melts and sandwiches, making a sauce is the only final way to consume these. Even friends have had a couple forced their way! :)

Aaaah, with all the fresh stuff included, the kitchen smells of such good stuff. Once the chunks of fresh garden cook down tomato (par-boiled to peal the skins), the chunks literally POP in your mouth, along with the garlic, and onion... celery... oh I love this time of year.

Cooking is such good therapy for the soul, huh? Even without a garden, this sauce will be good when all the ingredients are fresh from the local farmers....