Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Getting Better?

Hi again!

Leslie Anne Peaase Quilts

Think I'm doing a bit better with the polymer canes. The clay is probably my biggest problem... too soft and squishy (you can really see in the eye area). My old stock was Sculpey III and maybe I should use only Fimo (sorry Sculpey).

Have you tried playing with polymer clay? It's addicting and fun! Started playing with polymer around 1998 and again a few years ago. Never tried making faces before and am really enjoying the challenge. Still can't stand on my foot for too long, so during my "Me-Time" this is a fun activity to keep me entertained. (Even this computer is standing style station.)

Absolutely Beautiful

Amherst, New Hampshire

We are VERY lucky to have a good friend in town that has been so kind and helpful during these storms. THANK YOU! We definitely owe you a Red Bull!

Amherst, New Hampshire